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24 year old Mitrice Richardson has been missing since September 16, 2009. At approximately 9:00 pm Mitrice was picked up by the Lost Hills Sherif's Dept. from Geoffrey's restaurant in Malibu Ca. for failure to pay her bill. Mitrice had been acting "strange", sitting with people she didn't know, and talking about being from Mars. When she was unable to pay her tab of $89.51 they called the police. Mitrice had, however, made attempts to pay her bill. She phoned her great grandmother, who was willing to pay over the phone. This was not accepted by Geoffrey's. Mitrice was taken into custody at approximately 9 pm.

Latice Suttan, Mitrice's mom, phoned the Lost Hills Sherifs Dept. concerned for her daughter, stating that this was uncharacteristic behavior for her and that she was quite fearful. Latice did not want her daughter released to be wandering around in the dark in an "unfamiliar" place. She was reassured that Mitrice would phone her when she arrived at the sherif's dept. Mitrice was still in route at this point. That phone call never came. Latrice's biggest fears were realized, as her daughter was released at around 1 am, in the dark, unfamiliar area without her ID, purse, phone, and car, which had been impounded. This area is not called "Lost Hills for no reason, it" was stated.
"Angry and frustrated that the L.A. Sherifs Dept. had failed Mitrice as a citizen" Latice said at a press conference that was held yesterday. "They suspected something was wrong, Why wasn't my daughter given a psychiatric evaluation when she was clearly in crisis. They Failed her"
Volunteers have now stepped up to help find Mitrace. Search parties have been formed and fliers are being distributed. I helped pass out fliers in a neighborhood in Agoura Hills. Most neighbors had never heard of Mitrice and the fact that she was missing. A surprising reaction since the sheriffs dept. where Mitrice was released was less than a mile away.
The outraged family is hoping the police will step up their efforts in the search for their daughter. Michael Richardson, Mitrice"s father said,"There are no words to describe my pain right now" Clearly mistakes have been made, immediate action not taken, leads overlooked and a Mothers plea for protection for her daughter not taken seriously. Mitrice Richardson was left to wander in an area she did not know without any form of communication, in the dark of the night in a an area called "Lost Hills".
Any information you might have to help the family find Mitrice please contact the website

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Comment by Marcia L. McNair on October 4, 2009 at 6:25pm
As you know, Sistas on Fire concludes with a piece on the lack of media attention missing women of color receive in comparison to blondes. I can't even say white women, since the media still favors the blue-eyed blonde even when it comes to the abducted, murdered or missing. Unless there is some unusual twist to the story, as in missing (and later discovered murdered) soon-to-be-married Annie Le from Yale, the media does not publicized these cases as relentlessly as they do, for instance, a Natalie Holloway.


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