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Why Jamal Can't Read: Children's Literacy Is This Year's Harlem Book Fair on LI Theme

The 2011 Harlem Book Fair on Long Island promises to be more than a chance to meet some of the best authors Long Island has to offer; it will also provide a in depth examination of an ever growing problem in the African American community: a spiraling illiteracy rate among black children. The Friends of the African American Museum and the African-Atlantic Genealogical Society, Inc. will host the event at the African American Museum and Center for Education and Applied Arts September 16-17. Co-hosted by Joy Rankin, Director of the Roosevelt Public Library, Arene Lomax and Kayo, the book fair's featured panelists, Dr. Judith Kronin, Joy Rankin, and Principal Gretchin Cotton-Rodney will discuss Early Childhood Education and Literacy. Join me as I welcome Dr. Judith Kronin, Joy Rankin, David Byer-Tyre, Director of the Museum, as well as many of the participating authors, to SOF's examination of literacy: Why Jamal Can't Read...and what can we do about it!
Date: MONDAY, September 12, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM TO 7:00 PM

Call-In Number: (347) 215-9345

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