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It may seem shocking to some of you that I am covering this topic on the next radio show episode, but I am not afraid to go where no professor has gone before! LOL.


If you want to know what I think, you'll have to listen to the show. However, I will say this: People are questioning the credentialing process like never before, because their degrees don't seem to be translating into jobs.  Students and parents alike are frustrated. A degree no longer seems to be the golden ticket to a better life.  In addition, the rising cost of tuition, even at community colleges, is saddling graduates with so much debt that it overshadows their accomplishment.



Date: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2011
Time: 4:00 PM TO 5:00 PM
Call-In Number: (347) 215-9345

     Join SOF host Marcia McNair as she invites Latino Perspectives columnist and Cafe Long Island talk show host Stephen R. Acevedo to talk about his latest column, Is College the Biggest Scam? Acevedo's controversial perspective is growing in popularity. Tune in to find out why!

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