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The Power Of Media

The late human rights advocate El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz fully understood the power of media and how it was being used during WWII to influence public opinion. He also believed media could be used to educate people to improve race relations and teach people how to empower themselves.

The late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr also understood that media could be an effective tool to advance the cause of civil rights and bring about change in the United States. Some of the American News Media at the time was an ally to the Civil Rights Movement and they frequently broadcast or published the brutal images of police dogs, fire hoses, bullwhips and cattle prods used against Blacks fighting oppression. These images stirred the consciousness and rallied popular public opinion against Jim Crow and segregation.

William Bernbach, considered a legendary figure in the history of American advertising, said that when you discuss media and its power to persuade, you must start with the advertising industry. It is the primary goal of the advertisement industry to persuade the viewer into buying whatever is being sold. Whether what is being sold is a product, a place, person or ideals, media is predominately the delivery system used. When you look at feature length film or listen to a song for entertainment, you are one way or another being sold something whether it is a product, a lifestyle or a point of view.

In fact, advertisement agencies pay filmmakers and songwriters to place their products in movies or the lyrics of a song. When you see a Hollywood actor taking a drink of a particular beverage or a rapper rapping about driving a particular automobile, you are being influenced to buy those products. Unfortunately, we are being influenced to not only make purchases through the entertainment industry; we are also being influenced to buy into lifestyles that have a corrupting effect on our values and morals.

William Bernbach said it best when he said, “"All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level."

If we look at the history of mass media, particularly the invention of radio and television, would you say that that society has been lifted to a higher level or has it devolved to a lower level?

The Black Talk Media Project seeks to facilitate a collective of individuals and groups acting in concert to lift society to higher level using media to inform, educate and change public perception. In order to achieve this mission, we seek to build community media centers to teach youth about not only the effects of media and how propaganda is used to influence their thought patterns, but to teach youth and others in the community how to produce and broadcast programming to their communities to influence it in a positive way.

The Black Talk Media Project currently operates an online radio station and a social network that distributes live and pre-recorded talk programs and music that socially conscious and does not denigrate any members of society nor promotes negative messages lyrically. We are seeking content producers who would like to broadcast live or pre-recorded programming on our expanding network.

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Podcast: Michael Richardson, Father of Missing Woman Mitrice Richardson Speaks Out

Black Talk Radio Network Exclusive.

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National News and Views with Scotty Reid, was joined by the father of Mitrice Richardson, the young woman who went missing after allegedly… Continue

Posted on October 16, 2009 at 9:48am

Comment Wall (4 comments)

At 6:28pm on October 4, 2009, Marcia L. McNair said…
Thanks for your support! I just posted the Mitrice Richardson story. Check it out if you are not already familiar with it.

At 2:57pm on October 7, 2009, Marcia L. McNair said…
as you know, this is a big issue in this country, and one we just had to address in the play. the media doesn't give as much coverage to women of color when they are missing as it does to the blue-eyed blondes. i'd daresay even dark haired white women are at a disadvantage as well.

this is why black media organizations such as yours are so important. you are our only voice! and there are so many injustices that would never be covered save for the black media!
At 5:40pm on November 25, 2009, Marcia L. McNair said…
At 12:18pm on December 27, 2009, Marcia L. McNair said…

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